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Improve and protect the natural beauty of stone

Cleaning restores stone and concrete, almost like new.
Sealing prevents staining and colours fading, makes maintenance easy, reduces mould growth and protects porous surfaces from natural wear and tear.



"I've been watching you do this work for
the past week.  The transformation you
created is a real testament to your workmanship.

You should be really proud of what you've done for us"

Ken - Chairman, East Bunbury Retirement Village


Gentle Precision Cleaning

Stone and concrete are porous and damage easily. The last thing you want to do is BLAST the surface with high pressure water. We use specific products that are best suited to the stone, the type of soiling and the general usage of the area.

Improve, not destroy.

Professional Workmanship

  • Industry Leading Products
  • All our work is guaranteed, both for product and labour.
  • We are an Accredited Applicator, so our premium sealers are guaranteed for 15 years.

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